Waves Platform is a cryptocurrency project launched by the Russian entrepreneur Alexander Ivanov in 2016. The platform operates on the basis of the Leased Proof-of-stake mechanism. LPoS allows any user to switch their assets for mining and receive rewards, at the same time increasing network security. Note, during leasing you retain ownership of your Waves - they are still in your wallet and you can cancel leasing any moment you wish. LPoS also mean the more Waves you own, the more you mine. Currently with 1000 Waves you can generate a block approximately once a 35 days. So in practice it is much better to gather into so called mining pools, this way you will not depend on random so heavily.

You are in the right place - Brox Leasing Pool will take care of your Waves. Here is essential info:

Address for leasing: 3PNEqDkLfEXoDqTCy1KwXNRVbxsSuDNUWfz
You will need any official client to be able to lease your Waves, for example Waves.Exchange

Alias: brox_pool

Payment policy:
98.5% Waves (including additional block rewards started 2019-10-07)
The payments are happening every Friday

Some technical details about how payments are calculated
If amount you earned is less than 0.0001 Waves, it is not being paid. Instead, it is accumulated and will be checked next week. As soon as accumulated amount exceeds 0.0001 Waves, it will be paid fully. This way mass transfer fees are minimized.

Other Details: My node runs flawlessly since the beginning of 2019. The main goals are giving people a choice and increasing network decentralization.